COVID-19 Update (25 Sep 2020)

25th September 2020

As we head in to the weekend, we want to share the latest on where we are following the Government’s shift in guidance earlier this week.

The DCMS has reviewed and approved version 3 of our RTP, subject to updating it to the revised guidance. V3 was sent prior before the announcement so we will get to work and push this through ASAP.

They have confirmed junior hockey (17 and under) can continue under the new guidance, and we will be working to get the season started as soon as is practical. As we want to return under the safest possible conditions, games will be played behind closed doors. BRHA South has been working tirelessly on a Covid-secure facility plan that has also been reviewed by the DCMS. This region will be the pilot and the plan tweaked where necessary before rolling out to other regions. It is a process that needs to be tried and tested, and cannot be rushed so we thank you for your understanding.

Furthermore, we have confirmation that senior players (18+) are able to form training bubbles on the rink with the strict understanding that they do no mix. This allows senior teams to form two bubbles of six. The RTP will be updated and published early next week so that senior teams have a maximum of 12 (2 x 6) at any one time, and this must include coaches and other participants registered to the team. We will be working with the regional heads and the facilities to introduce measures to partition the rink in two. Competitive games are suspended until further notice. No individuals will be authorised to wait on the bench or around the rink, and spectators will be prohibited on the basis that safeguarding is not compromised.

We hope this provides some reassurance as we head in to the weekend. It is an unprecedented time and we are constantly having to react and adapt. The BRHA National Exec is doing everything in our power to push on but we must all remain mindful of the times we are in. Safety must not be compromised.

A further update will be posted in the coming days once we release the new version of the RTP and require teams to update their RTP Acceptance and Risk Assessment forms.

Many thanks for your continued patience and support,

Dave McGill

Director & General Secretary

BRHA Limited

On behalf of the BRHA National Executive Committee


COVID-19 Update (23 Sep 2020)

23rd September 2020

We have confirmation from UKActive that our understanding is correct and that all competitive indoor sports (games) for anyone aged 18 and over is suspended until further notice. We will continue to work with the DCMS, UKActive, and other key agencies to do what we can but this will be focused around junior hockey. 

The new All Stars programme will continue as planned, as that remains within the limits of the new Covid guidelines. 

 Furthermore, we have put forward a written proposal to the DCMS that will (hopefully) allow teams to form bubbles of 6, so that senior players can continue with their regular training. This will need approval before we can share any more detail. 

 Further updates will be posted as and when the National Exec has the facts and necessary approvals.


ALL STARS: Coach & Manager Vacancies + Full Info

12th September 2020

Here is your opportunity to get involved in the brand new BRHA All Stars initiative, which is launching for the 2020/21 season. BRHA South, North West, and Yorkshire, come together as we set out to scout the elite players across all regions that will represent the BRHA domestically as well as on the International stage.

We are looking for candidates to fill the roles of Manager, Coach & Assistant Coach to lead the U12, U14, and U16 teams, all supported by the BRHA National Executive Committee.

In order to be considered, we are asking for individuals interested in these positions to submit their Resume online: The closing date is 30th September 2020 with the successful candidates notified no later than 31st October 2020.

The successful coaching and management teams will work together on strategy and start planning for the BRHA All Stars Challenge. This is a 'trial by tournament' event that is being held at our BRHA West & North Wales rink in Market Drayton on 12th & 13th December 2020. Each region will take a team of interested players per age group to the event where they will compete against the other two regions (3 teams per age group, 9 in total at the event). 

The objectives of the Tournament are primarily to re-enforce the Association’s desire to put the focus on the future of our sport with the younger players, to help it grow and provide a sustainable route for development.

The successful team will be scouted based on their all-round performance including attitude on and off the rink, and ability. Each team will be formed of 8 players and 2 goalies, with the successful players being informed in early January. 

Training sessions will be held on the following dates in preparation for Sparta 2021!

- 6th February @ Bordon Roller Rink, 12:00 - 16:30
- 6th March @ Atherton Roller Rink, 12:00 - 16:30

Sparta is scheduled for 31st March - 4th April 2021, in Igualada, near Barcelona. 

Please be aware that you may only be considered if you can commit to ALL aspects of the ALL STARS Programme (challenge event, training & Sparta). You must be registered in the BRHA as either a Player, Manager or Coach (Managers & Coaches must be DBS Registered - DBS will be arranged if required).

Sparta age group classification (this aligns to the BRHA):

- Under 13 (Born on or after 1/1/08)
- Under 15 (Born on or after 1/1/06)
- Under 17 (Born on or after 1/1/04)


Download the full advert here (PDF):

BRHA All Stars


12th August 2020

The BRHA National Executive Committee has created this risk assessment template for the convenience of our member clubs. It is important that each club wanting to adopt the BRHA’s return to play policy completes and provides a copy to the BRHA by following the defined process below. Until this process has been completed in full, BRHA member clubs, their players and team officials are not authorised to adopt the policy nor covered under our insurance policy.

The BRHA understands that some teams play in more than one league; therefore, we are not forcing you to choose which policy you follow. If you want to follow the BRHA’s then we are happy that you have chosen to do so, and we ask two things: -

1) Complete the risk assessment and corrective action plan templates contained within this document, and;

2) Upload it to where you will also be asked a few other relevant questions and ask you to provide a signature

Both steps of the process are crucial to our return to play policy and will do a long way in helping us manage our return to the sport we all love. We thank everyone involved for their patience, consideration and understand.


Please note:

** Teams that already have a risk assessment and CAPA in place can upload it to the acceptance form so long as it covers all points in our version. If the uploaded version contains less than our version, it will be deemed invalid and you won't be able to adopt our policy once approved by the DCMS;

** Teams aren't forced to follow our return to play policy but bear in mind that any club/team (and inherently their players and team officials) not following it will not be covered by our insurance policy.


COVID-19 Return to Play Update

29th July 2020

Hi All,

Hope you're keeping well.

Allow me to update you on the status of our national return to play policy. It is with the DCMS for approval and we await their response (and, hopefully, their approval of our return!).The policy includes a quick reference summary and four detailed phases - 3 for a phased return to training, and 1 for game days. All teams wanting to adopt this policy will need to sign an acceptance form and the respective team managers will need to assist the national and regional committees in enforcing this once approved.

A risk assessment guide and template will be included in the policy document to help teams carry out their own assessment for their members. It is strongly advised that teams complete this process sooner rather than later - plenty of information can be found on the, Sports England and UK Active websites.

Insurance details:

  • Teams, officials and players registered in the BRHA for the 2019/20 season will continue to be insured up to and including 31 August 2020 subject to the acceptance form being signed and received;

  • New teams entering the BRHA for 2020/21 will need to ensure all documentation is signed and logged on our system ahead of their return to play; however, team liability and personal accident cover won't commence until 1 September 2020. NB: I am working closely with our insurers to see if we can extend this to new teams joining the league but, as yet, we haven't received confirmation of this so please assume insurance won't be in place until September;

  • Uninsured parties will need to present a copy of an insurance certificate if they are adopting the BRHA policy. If this is not received at the time of signing the acceptance form then the adoption of our policy won't be possible;

  • Parties not adopting the BRHA's policy will need to comply with your respective rink/venue's policy and the BRHA Regional Executive Committee will not be involved in any capacity unless an acceptance form is signed after which time the team falls under BRHA guidance;

  • Insured parties will void their insurance if found to be non-compliant with the return to play policy;

  • COVID-19 is excluded from the scope of our policy as it cannot be proven where the virus was contracted. Specific wording is being added to this affect in the new policy documentation.

In terms of timescales, the honest truth is we don't know when we will hear back from the DCMS and how many iterations we may need to go through. Rest assured that as a player and committee member at both national and regional level, I am doing everything I can to move this forward as timely as possible. I knew it wouldn't be an easy task but it has taken considerably longer than originally anticipated to get to this point.

Stay safe,

Dave McGill
Director & Secretary, BRHA Limited
General Secretary, BRHA South


BRHA take over Inline UK!

1st July 2020

The BRHA take over Inline UK to form a fresh, new organisation for inline hockey here in the United Kingdom. Consisting of six regions, the BRHA reaches far and wide with rinks located in Bordon, Manchester, Market Drayton, Plymouth, and Sheffield. The 2020/21 season sees the introduction of our brand new initiatives including Junior All Stars, Junior Nationals, and Senior Conference. This is in addition to the Senior Nationals that already took place each summer. This is an exciting and significant step forward for the BRHA as we move forward as a must stronger and united organisation. Get involved and believe in the future!