Social Media Coordinator

30th March 2021

BRHA South is on the hunt for a Social Media Coordinator to help increase brand awareness and ensure an active presence and steady flow of content across all social channels. The role itself is voluntary and you will be invited to join regional executive committee meetings, as well as our associated online exec groups, in a non-executive capacity (i.e. you will be there to observe and deliver on the agreed without an executive vote on various matters).

How much time will I need to invest?

The amount of time needed to fulfil this role is difficult to quantify and very much depends on various factors such as previous experience and ability. It would be reasonable to assume a couple of hours per week once you are up and running, and familiar with the role and various platforms.

Skill set and responsibilities:

> Responsible for content delivery across all current forms of social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Content should be posted to YouTube where appropriate to do so;

> All content must remain on-brand and in accordance with documented BRHA brand guidelines;

Responsible for the creation of engaging and meaningful content while keeping it relevant to BRHA South and our strategy;

> Ensure the frequent and timely posting of content based on organisational activity and as agreed with the General Secretary and wider regional executive committee.

> Attending game days, tournaments and other events as requested/needed to maximise exposure;

> BRHA (national) content should be shared where possible to help demonstrate brand unification and help with cross-promotion;

> Creative background preferred;

> Competent in creating unique content using Canva or similar software preferred;

> To work closely with the General Secretary on content creation and approval prior to its publication. 

Apply today

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