12th August 2020

The BRHA National Executive Committee has created this risk assessment template for the convenience of our member clubs. It is important that each club wanting to adopt the BRHA’s return to play policy completes and provides a copy to the BRHA by following the defined process below. Until this process has been completed in full, BRHA member clubs, their players and team officials are not authorised to adopt the policy nor covered under our insurance policy.

The BRHA understands that some teams play in more than one league; therefore, we are not forcing you to choose which policy you follow. If you want to follow the BRHA’s then we are happy that you have chosen to do so, and we ask two things: -

1) Complete the risk assessment and corrective action plan templates contained within this document, and;

2) Upload it to where you will also be asked a few other relevant questions and ask you to provide a signature

Both steps of the process are crucial to our return to play policy and will do a long way in helping us manage our return to the sport we all love. We thank everyone involved for their patience, consideration and understand.


Please note:

** Teams that already have a risk assessment and CAPA in place can upload it to the acceptance form so long as it covers all points in our version. If the uploaded version contains less than our version, it will be deemed invalid and you won't be able to adopt our policy once approved by the DCMS;

** Teams aren't forced to follow our return to play policy but bear in mind that any club/team (and inherently their players and team officials) not following it will not be covered by our insurance policy.